Wildlife Information

Something Living Under the Porch

Sorry, Animal Control cannot do anything but simply make suggestions. Where a skunk or opossum is known to be denning under a porch or patio, it may be evicted by installing a one-way door over the entrance to allow it to leave but prevent reentry. A simpler eviction is to wait until the animal has begun its nightly foray (two hours after dark is generally a safe time) and loosely closing the opening with netting, straw or other fibrous material that an animal trapped inside can push away, but which one outside will be less likely to disturb to get inside. A good way to know if the animal is away is to sprinkle flour around the entrance/exit so that you may see footprints.

Do not use the one-way door in May or June (for skunks) when there may be babies left inside the den. The babies will starve and possibly discharge their spray before succumbing to this unpleasant fate. Instead, either wait for the skunk family to move or use harassment to try to accelerate that process. Opossums are marsupials (carry young in pouch) and therefore you need not worry about young being left inside the den. Mild harassment can be very effective. This can consist of repacking the hole it is using with the leaves and straw or other material to see if the skunk gets the message and moves somewhere else, or using ammonia-soaked rags placed near or inside the burrow to one side so that the skunk has to pass them in getting out. Make sure the skunk is not close by when doing this. The mother skunk will carry the babies to a new den. Do not permanently seal the opening until the plug remains undisturbed for several nights.

Sick or Injured Wildlife

If you find an injured animal in Urbana (dogs, cats, bats, raccoons, opossums, skunks, birds...) please call 217-333-8911. These animals will be transported to a veterinarian’s office where they will be evaluated and most likely treated.

Unknown/Known Animal in House

Wildlife occasionally make their way into homes. Animal Control Officers will go out to your home and remove the animal if it is in common area. Animal Control will not remove animals that are in the attic or basement. Healthy animals will then be released outside and in the same general area. It is unlawful to transport the animal to another town. Animal Control Officers are not trappers and will not assist with constant problems such as squirrels living in your ceilings. A private trapper may be located in the yellow pages.

Bat in House/Apartment

Especially during the summer months, bats tend to mysteriously appear in people's homes. Animal Control Officers will be dispatched only if there has been human or pet exposure and you know where the bat is located. Otherwise, it is the responsibility of the home or property owner to hire a pest control company.

Nocturnal Animals Out During The Day

Sometimes animals are disturbed from their dens during the day and are forced to move about. If the animal is fat and healthy looking, it is probably just looking for a place to rest and will soon leave the area. If the animal is very thin, acting strange and in the same area for a long period of time, contact Animal Control.

Dead Animal on Private Property

You may remove the animal yourself and discard it in the trash. Make sure to wear gloves and do not have contact with the animal. If you have any questions or need assistance, call the Urbana Police Department at 217-384-2320.

Dead Animal on Public Property

Call the Urbana Police Department at 217-384-2320.

What Should I Do If I Come Across A Wild Animal?

Please do not attempt to capture any wild animals. In fact, it is wise to safeguard your home against wild animals in the following ways:

  • Cover or stuff holes larger than a quarter and caulk cracks that are 3/8-inch wide or larger.
  • Make sure your screens have no rips or holes.
  • Install chimney caps.
  • Use screens to cover attic vents and make sure all doors are securely shut.

Contact your local animal control or fish and wildlife department for suggestions on how to handle nuisance wildlife. If you find a dead wild animal in your home, call animal control or use thick work gloves to place the animal in a small box. Seal the box with strong tape and contact your local health department for information about where to take the animal for rabies testing.

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