In Lincoln's Shadow Pastcast Tour Map & Downloads

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Podcast Stops

Podcast Site Address
1 The Urbana Free Library 210 W. Green St.
2 Griggs House 505 W. Main St.
3 Marriott, Yearsley, and Wahl Houses 506-508-510 W. Main St.
4 First Christian Church 404 W. Main St.
5 Courier Building 111 N. Race St.
6 Big Four Depot 223 N. Broadway Ave.
7 Busey's Hall/Princess Theater 120 W. Main St.
8 Champaign County Courthouse 101 E. Main St.
9 Urbana Lincoln Hotel 209 S. Broadway Ave.
10 First Methodist Church 304 S. Race St.
10 First Baptist Church 202 W. Illinois St.

Other Historic Sites

Marker Site Address
A Lincoln and Photography Marker Race St. Near Main St.
B Tiernan's Block 115 W. Main St.
C Knowlton & Bennett Building 130 W. Main St.
D Lincoln Square 201 Lincoln Square
E Leal Park 303 W. University Ave
F Lindley House 312 W. Green St.
G Lincoln Statue 1007 S. Race St.
H Boyden House 404 W. Illinois St.

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