Stormwater Utility Fee

A stormwater utility is a way to fund the cost of municipal stormwater management services. A stormwater utility operates similar to an electric, water, or wastewater utility. Properties within the city pay for stormwater management services based on the amount of runoff generated from each property. Residents and businesses are charged a utility fee for the services provided based on the amount of impervious surface on their property.

A stormwater utility could fund stormwater system cleaning, stormwater system televising, street sweeping, existing infrastructure repairs, ditch grading and mowing, regional detention facility maintenance, Vine Street pump station operation and maintenance, new stormwater system infrastructure construction, a hazardous sump pump discharge abatement program, a rain barrel reimbursement program, a rain garden reimbursement program, green infrastructure incentives for new development, stream and rain gauge monitoring, Boneyard Creek maintenance, water quality public education and involvement efforts, erosion control plan review and site inspections, stormwater master plan, and Engineering Division staff time committed to the stormwater system.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions on the stormwater utility fee, click here: FAQ.


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