This section of the Operations Division provides certain services for the maintenance and planting of trees and green spaces and for operation of a county-wide landscape recycling center.

Major Activities of the Arbor Section

  • Operates the Landscape Recycling Center (L.R.C.)
  • Provides certain services for City owned trees and plant resources such as planting, watering, pest control, clearance trimming, and nuisance abatement
  • Provides technical information concerning the management of trees and plant resources and ordinance enforcement to the public, news media, and at public relations meetings and events
  • Provides design and project implementation assistance for environmental improvement projects including City owned mini-parks, entryway corridors, right-of-way streetscapes, facilities and parking lots
  • Manages landscape maintenance for all City owned facilities, parks, designated parkways and medians, parking lots, and green space projects
  • Maintains, in a groom quality appearance, 5 acres of lawn grass adjacent to city facilities, parking lots and various street medians
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