The Engineering Division provides city-wide mapping support, infrastructure design and construction management, subdivision/private development plan review, and maintenance of the Capital Improvement Plan.

Major Activities of the Engineering Division:

  • Monitors and approves subdivision and private development plans to ensure infrastructure elements comply with city codes, ordinances and regulations for design and construction standards

  • Administers the City's Capital Improvement Plan

  • Maintains a computerized map and data inventory system to provide information concerning right-of-way vacations, City easements, annexation records, parcel and street addressing, street, sanitary and storm sewer systems, and City limit boundaries

  • Administers the process of assigning addresses and legal descriptions for annexations, boundary determinations, and property vacations

  • Maintains and coordinates the City’s G.I.S. (Geographical Information System) program

  • Performs engineering design and construction management services for transportation improvement construction projects, which include streets, curbs, sidewalks, streetlights and traffic signals.

  • Performs engineering design and construction management services for sanitary and storm sewer construction projects

  • Performs biennial bridge inspections and reports inspection results to the Illinois Department of Transportation as required by state law

  • Performs ongoing inflow/infiltration and drainage studies to identify problem sewers, analyze alternative remedies and implement solutions

  • Issues and administers Right-Of-Way Permits

  • Issues and administers Erosion Control Permits


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