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Equal Opportunity in Purchasing and Contracting

The Human Relations Commission (HRC) in collaboration with the Human Relations Office (HRO) enforces Chapter 2-119 of the City Code providing for equal opportunity in purchasing and contracting. Chapter 2-119 was enacted to ensure equal employment opportunity in connection with the expenditure of public moneys.

The HRC and HRO’s administration of Chapter 2-119 is carried out through:

  • Certification of vendors and contractors who expect to exceed specific financial thresholds.
  • Maintenance of eligibility status records.
  • Compliance reviews of public vendors, contractors and eligible bidders to determine adherence to pertinent provisions of Chapter 2-119.
  • Technical assistance to public vendors, contractors, and eligible bidders, contracting agencies, and units of the city regarding equal employment opportunity in purchasing and contacting and affirmative action.

 Who must file for an Urbana EEO Certificate of Compliance?

 Vendors and contractors must file for a certificate of compliance if any one of the following conditions apply:

  • The Vendor expects to do business with the City in excess of $30,000 in a given fiscal year;
  • The Contractor expect to do business with the City in excess of $25,000 in a given fiscal year; or 
  • The business entity is directed to file by a contracting unit of the City of Urbana.

 What is the process for certification?

4 Steps to Urbana Certification

  1. File Application.  Complete and file an Urbana Equal Employment Opportunity Workforce Statistics Form (UPC-1) with the Human Relations Office by email to; by facsimile to (217) 328-8288; or by mail to City of Urbana, Human Relations Office, 400 S. Vine St., Urbana, IL 61801. Your application for certification is deemed filed when it is properly completed, signed, and received at the HRO office with all required document attachments.
  2. Sexual Harassment Policy.  Include your organization’s Sexual Harassment Policy. A model form is available in the document library below should you need one.
  3. EEO Statement.  Include your your organization’s EEO Statement. A model form is available in the document library below should you need one.
  4. Review by the HRO.  The Human Relations Officer will review your application and issue a staff recommendation for certification, non-certification, or request for information. 
  5. Decision by the HRC.  The Human Relations Commission will review your application and the HRO's staff recommendation and will issue a certification, non-certification or remand to the HRO for additional information.

If you have any questions regarding our process, or wish to update your business address, phone number, contact or EEO information, please contact the Human Relations Office.



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