Percent For Arts On Municipal Building Projects

The Percent for Arts on Municipal Building Projects Program was established by the Urbana City Council on April 21, 2008, to ensure that public art is incorporated into the physical infrastructure of Urbana.

The Percent for Art Program establishes that at least one percent of the original budgeted cost for the construction of a municipal building, with a construction cost of $750,000, or more, to which there is or will be public access built for or by the City of Urbana, will be deposited into the Public Arts Fund. The funds will be used for the purchase, or commission, of art to be located in a public area in, upon, or adjacent to the building. At the time of project approval, adequate additional funds for the maintenance and preservation of the subject art shall be put aside into the Public Arts fund.

This program only applies to construction or alteration of municipal buildings and does not apply to other governmental or private entities.

The Percent for Arts on Municipal Building Projects is a program using a model common throughout the United States to assist in incorporating the arts into the physical infrastructure. This program established in April 2008, requires that 1% of the construction costs for municipal building projects with budgets of $750,000 or greater to be dedicated for the arts to be placed in or adjacent to the building. This program only applies to City of Urbana projects. 

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