Community Involvement

Tree inspectionUrbana residents and businesses benefit from the canopy of trees that has become a hallmark of our city. Trees bring people together, creating a common bond that is at the very foundation of the Legacy Tree program.

Here are just a few of the ways the community is rallying around the Legacy Tree program:

  • The University of Illinois Master Gardeners has committed to conducting a tree inventory so that no important trees get overlooked.
  • School children are creating art projects about their favorite trees and learning proper tree planting and care.
  • A public tree commission provides citizens an opportunity to voice their opinions on tree selection, planting and removal.
  • The West Urbana Neighborhood Association played a vital role in the Sim Hackberry being honored posthumously as Urbana’s first Legacy Tree. Read more
  • The East Urbana Neighborhood Association is actively gathering information about potential Legacy Tree candidates in their area
  • Champaign County Design and Conservation Foundation is encouraging volunteer participation and soliciting donations for the program
  • Common Ground Food Co-Op is providing vouchers to those who provide financial support of $250 - $499

Would you like to be involved in celebrating, recognizing and protecting Urbana’s trees? Do you have a favorite tree to nominate? Do you belong to a neighborhood group or own/work at a business that could provide financial support for the program? Let’s all work together to preserve Urbana’s natural beauty and create a legacy for future generations!

For more information, email City Arborist Kevin Snaderson at, call 217-384-2303 or visit our office at 706 S. Glover Street.

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