Demolition Permits and Guidelines

  1. Apply for a demolition permit online: Demolition Permit Online Application
  2. Apply and obtain demolition permit (building permit) including demolition affidavit

  3. Arrange for the disconnection of all utilities

  4. Plug all storm and sanitary sewer connections to the satisfaction of the Building Safety Division prior to demolition. Call for inspection before covering.

  5. Remove all foundation walls, footings and basement floors/slabs. Call for inspection prior to any backfilling. The excavation or any other depressions existing after the demolition must be filled with proper material which must be adequately compacted in conformance with standard industry practice.

  6. The lot must be seeded and graded in a manner so that water will not pond and the lot can easily be mowed.

  7. All abandoned drive accesses to the property must be removed and/or effectively closed to prevent illegal parking on city right-of-way and/or the vacant lot. (Right-of-way permit application)

    • Case #1: Abandoned drives from streets with curb and gutters; drive must be removed and curb and gutter installed.

    • Case #2: Abandoned drives from street without curb and gutters; drive must be removed; appropriate barrier installed and grass re-established in the former drive access area.

  8. Notify the Building Safety Division at (217) 384-2443 to schedule required inspections.

  9. Check the schedule of fees for demolition fees.

  10. Check the Issued Permits page for Issued Demolition Permits.


  1. The City Engineer may waive removal of a drive to a vacant lot, when the drive is planned for future use, in which case concrete wheel stops or other suitable barriers must be installed across the drive.

    • Case #1: If a street with curb and gutter, the barrier must be in line with face of curb.

    • Case #2: If a street without curb and gutter, the appropriate barrier is to be installed in line with edge of shoulder or travel way.

  2. Drive access is that portion of a drive from the street right-of-way line (i.e., City park-way) to the public sidewalk or private property line.*

* A separate erosion control permit may have to be obtained from the City of Urbana’s Engineering Office at 706 S. Glover before issuance of the demolition permit. Contact Public Works at 384-2342 for additional information.

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