Planning & Zoning Application Forms

The Planning Division assures implementation of the goals, objectives and policies of the Comprehensive Plan and other city planning documents; administer and enforce zoning, subdivision and development codes; and provide planning coordination and recommendations to the Plan Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Design/Development Review Boards, Historic Preservation Commission, and City Council in their consideration of zoning and subdivision cases, neighborhood planning and preservation, and long-range community plans.

Below are the applications and forms used by the Planning Division staff to assist in completing these responsibilities.

ONLINE APPLICATIONS:  Some Applications may be submitted and paid online through CitizenServe and may be found by clicking on:

PAPER APPLICATIONS:  Click below to Open the application and Save it to your computer before completing to have full functionality of the application.  If additional space is needed, please provide answer(s) on separate sheet of paper.

FEES:  For current application fees, please click on the following link:  Fee Schedule

QUESTIONS about what application you need to complete and submit, email the Planning Division staff at or call (217) 384-2440.



Boneyard Creekway Review

Comprehensive Plan

Design/Site Plan Review

Historic Preservation:

     Certificate of Appropriateness

     Certificate of Economic Hardship

     Historic District Nomination

     Landmark Nomination

Home Occupation Permit - Available on CitizenServe, see link above

Land Development:

     Certificate of Exemption

     Preliminary Plat

     Final Plat

     Preliminary/Final Combination Plat

     Minor Plat

     Variance from Land Development Regulations

Neighborhood Conservation

Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Special Use Permit - Available on CitizenServe, see link above

Telecommunication Zoning Review - Available on CitizenServe, see link above

Temporary Sign Permit Available on CitizenServe, see link above


     Appeal (of Zoning Administrator's order, requirements, decision or determiniation)

     Conditional Use Permit -  (Available on CitizenServe, see link above)

     Variance (Major or Minor) -  (Available on CitizenServe, see link above)

Zoning Compliance Worksheet

Zoning Map/Text Amendment - Available on CitizenServe, see link above

Zoning Verification Letter - Available on CitizenServe, see link above

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