Art in the Park Walking Tour

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The Beginning - .wmv     .mov     .mp4     .mp3

A Private Reflection Area - .wmv     .mov     .mp4     .mp3

The Story Behind the Statues - .wmv     .mov     .mp4     .mp3

Different Works at Different Times - .wmv     .mov     .mp4     .mp3

Lighting Up the Night - .wmv     .mov     .mp4     .mp3

The Future - .wmv     .mov     .mp4     .mp3

Center Space - .wmv     .mov     .mp4     .mp3

The Asymmetry within the Symmetry - .wmv     .mov     .mp4     .mp3

Why is Public Art Important? - .wmv     .mov     .mp4     .mp3

A New Type of Public Art - .wmv     .mov     .mp4     .mp3

Transitioning into Art - .wmv     .mov     .mp4     .mp3

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