Dr. Ellis Sewer Lateral Project


Project Objective:

  • Provide sanitary sewer lateral lining for up to 144 sanitary sewer laterals

Project Goals:

  • Reduce costly, unplanned repairs for property owners
  • Mitigate public health concerns & enhance resilience of the sewer system
  • Educate residents on sanitary sewer system maintenance
  • Inform capabilities of future sewer lateral assistance program

Project Eligibility:

  • Properties within the boundaries of Bradley Avenue to the north, Goodwin Avenue to the east, Ellis Drive to the south, and Romine Street and Carver Drive to the west.


Project Costs: 

  • The cost of the project is covered entirely by the City through a federal grant from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).
  • Estimated value of work at each property is $400 - $11,000.



January 19, 2024 First public meeting at King School

March 1, 2024 Second public meeting (see information above)

May 13, 2024 City Contractor BLD work starting: Cleaning & televising for inspections of sewer pipes

June 2024: Completion of Phase 1 of the project (Cleaning & televising of sewer laterals)

Fall 2024: City to share inspection reports of the pipes from Phase 1 with property owners

Late Fall 2024 - Spring 2025: Phase 2 of the project (Repairs & lining of sewer pipes)



For: All property owners and residents within the project area

When: January 19, 2024 & March 1, 2024 

Where: MLK Jr. Elementary School (Multipurpose Room; Enter building from the north parking lot off of Goodwin Ave)

Why: In order for property owners to take advantage of the no-cost services on privately owned sanitary sewer laterals that the City is providing, access/right-of-entry agreements from property owners are needed.

Intent of these meetings was to:

Questions? Contact Shirese Hursey at 217-721-4176 or Adam Shaw at 



What are sanitary sewer laterals?

  • Sanitary sewer laterals are the pipes (typically 4-6 inches in diameter) that connect plumbing from private properties to the City sewer mains (which bring the sanitary waste to larger UCSD collector pipes that bring the waste to wastewater treatment plants). 


Who owns and maintains the laterals?

  • Property owners are responsible for the entire sewer lateral even the portion under public space

What work could be done as a result of this project?

  • Cleaning and televising of all lateral lines

  • Repairs done to segments of laterals
  • sewer lateral lining
  • Complete replacement may be possible dependent upon need and budget available

What is sewer lining?

  • Cured in place pipe (CIPP) is a trenchless rehabilitation method used to repair existing main, lateral and vertical sewer pipelines 
  • Material: Epoxy resins for pipes (do not contain any potentially dangerous fumes, VOCs or strong odors, and it does not shrink as it cures)
  • Benefits: less invasive than repairs, reduces infiltration and leaks, extends life of pipe
  • Risk reductions: much lower risk of breaks, clogs

Above image: Rendering of lined pipe

Above images: Top row: broken sewer pipes in need of lining or repair

Bottom row, far left & center: same pipes as above after lining

Bottom row, far right: Pipe in need of spot repair or complete replacement


Above photos: Sewer lining in progress on sewer main lines


How long will the lining last once it is done?

  • Up to 60 years 

How will residents be impacted by the work?

  • Contractor crew may need to enter homes to install cleanouts and perform lining work (specifically for parcels that connect to the UCSD line)
  • Repairs and replacements of lateral lines require excavation within the front yard 

What if a lateral has been recently replaced or repaired?

  • The project could include these in Cleaning & Televising, but would probably not perform any rehab or repair on the lines


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