School Resource Officer Program

Implemented in 1993, Urbana School Resource Officers (SROs) serve the Urbana School District, following the guidelines established by the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO).  UPD subscribes to the “triad” model for SROs, which is recommended by NASRO.  The model explains a SRO is actually engaged in three distinct and equally important roles.  


The first, and most obvious, is that of law enforcement.  The SRO will engage in common law enforcement duties – handle initial police reports of crimes committed on campus, take enforcement action on criminal matters when appropriate, enforce criminal law, and protect students, staff, and the public at large against criminal activity, including an armed intruder event.

The second role is that of a teacher.  The SRO will provide information and lectures concerning multiple law enforcement related subjects to students and staff.  These presentations include topics such as general safety strategies, occupational training, leadership, life skills, traffic safety, interactions with law enforcement officers, and legal issues. 

The final role is that of an informal counselor.  This role is important to provide information to students, parents, staff, and administrators on variety of topics.  This also provides students a safe way to discuss issues occurring in both the school and the community.

This “triad” model provides a valuable resource to students, parents and staff members by fostering and reinforcing positive relationships with those stakeholders and the police.  Additionally, SROs help to cooperatively develop strategies to resolve problems related to and affecting young people and protect students and staff.  


The current Urbana SROs are:


Officer Robinson (Urbana Middle School

Officer Burnett (Urbana High School)

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