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Support Services

The Support Services Division maintains the department’s record system and information management system, provides statistical analysis for the department, backup dispatch center, provide tele-serve service to public and is the primary contact point for public access to the department.

Services Provided by the Support Services Division:

  • Provides copies of reports and disseminating information

Major Activities of the Support Services Division:

  • Maintain accurate and complete record systems involving department activities
  • Handles walk-in traffic to the station
  • Monitor and operate LEADS terminals
  • Issue licenses
  • Register sex offenders
  • Crime analysis
  • Make copies of reports for insurance companies
  • Issue police clearance letters
  • Process Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Process subpoenas for records
  • Expungement orders and LEADS validations (annually validating all of the Urbana stolen/wanted files in LEADS)
  • Live scan printing (for background, job applications, etc)
  • Notary services

Support Services Number: (217) 384-2320

METCAD Non-emergency Number: (217) 333-8911

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