Comprehensive Plan Map/Text Amendment

The Comprehensive Plan guides planning and development policy for the city and the one-and one-half mile territory adjacent to the city limits.  As the primary planning document, it greatly affects how Urbana will develop.  The Plan describes goals and objectives for existing and future development in the City, as well as the steps necessary to achieve these goals.  The goals, objectives and policies presented in the Comprehensive Plan cover a number of important topic areas, including growth and development, transportation, infrastructure, public services and community heritage.  The Plan contains a series of maps that illustrate how the city is encouraged to grow and develop.  Finally, the Plan contains an Implementation Program that specifies precisely what actions are needed to achieve the goals and objectives of the plan.  When other plans are adopted by the City of Urbana that relate to the goals and objectives in the Comprehensive Plan they are considered extensions of the Comprehensive Plan.  As those plans are periodically updated, amendments are made to the Comprehensive Plan text and maps to reflect those changes.

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