Boneyard Creekway Review


The purposes of the Boneyard Creek District are as follows:

  1. To establish a Boneyard Creek District as an area of vital significance to the cultural, economic, and environmental future of the City.
  2. To promote and facilitate sound stormwater management practices, toa ssist in the reduction of flood hazards to persons and property, to improve water quality, and to prevent encroachments and land uses that adversely affect water runoff.
  3. To encourage the development and maintenance of the Boneyard Creek District as a recreational resource and circulation area and to reclaim for the City the benefits of a natural waterway that have been ignored as a design asset and to provide a focal point for urban redevelopment.
  4. To improve the maintenance of the creek bank in a manner which will reduce harmful mosquito and insect reproduction.
  5. To provide incentives for redevelopment through private initiative in a manner consistent with the Boneyard Creek Master Plan, Comprehensive Plan and any amendments thereto, and any other documents or agreements which regulate or restrict development in the Boneyard Creek Corridor.
  6. To promote and conserve the economic value of land and buildings and thereby protect and improve the City's tax base.

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