Bicycle Parking

The provision of secure bicycle parking is a necessary part of the City’s bicycle network, allowing people to use their bikes for transportation and reducing parking in undesirable places. 

Downtown Bicycle Parking

The City of Urbana encourages and welcomes you to Downtown Urbana to visit the many restaurants, art galleries, and shopping. Click here for an interactive map of bike rack locations downtown (for tech savvy users, you can download the bike rack data from the site for use in your own maps and apps). For an older, printable map of bike parking in downtown, click here. Bicyclists are asked to walk their bikes on downtown sidewalks.

Bicycle Parking Rules

Please do not attach your bicycle to a tree, parking meter post, street light post, traffic signal post, etc. Per Section 8.35 of the Urbana Public Works Department Policy & Procedure Manual, any bicycle (including but not limited to scooters, mopeds, segways, etc.) that is parked and locked to property (hydrant, power pole, streetlight pole, sign, meter post, tree, bush, traffic signal, etc.) in the city right-of-way is prohibited. Public Works personnel or the Animal Control Officer is responsible for affixing a sticker on the bicycle spoke asking the owner to move the bicycle.

The Animal Control Officer will be notified by Public Works of any bicycle that has been tagged with a sticker. The Animal Control Officer will maintain a log of all tagged bicycles and periodically monitor the bicycles to determine if they have been moved.

The owner of a tagged bicycle has up to 72 hours to remove the bicycle that is locked to property in the city right-of-way; otherwise, it is deemed abandoned and the Animal Control Officer is authorized to remove and impound the bicycle. The owner of the bicycle shall have up to two weeks (fourteen calendar days) to claim the impounded bicycle. If the bicycle is not claimed within the two week period, the city may dispose of the bicycle as it deems appropriate

Bicycle Parking Guidelines

These guidelines are a source of information for businesses regarding bicycle parking at their establishment. The guidelines provide information about the type of rack preferred by the City, suggestions for location, and dimensions for layout of multiple racks. The guidelines also list several bicycle parking manufacturers.

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