Register Your Bike

Registering your bike is easy with Project 529. This nationwide bicycle registry program allows a person to register for free online or with an app. It is recommended to purchase a registration sticker for $10. The recommended sticker can be purchased through Project 529 or picked up at locations around Champaign and Urbana. Please refer to the University of Illinois’ Bicycle Registration page for local pick-up locations.
This new system will help you keep your bicycle registered wherever you live, and will make it easier for law enforcement to find your bicycle.
Registering with the University of Illinois’ Project 529 program requires the purchase of a sticker and may enter you into promotional activities. The University of Illinois requires registration for bicycles parked on campus property. There is no requirement in Urbana or Champaign.
- Last Modified -May 2, 2022 - 3:39pm
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